4 Fantastic Sweet Easter Recipes for the Long Weekend

Easter weekend is fast approaching and that means family time. When everyone comes together, laughter and good times begin. It’s a great time to reflect, share and create great memories. What better way to do that then to eat! Try these four simple recipes this Easter to share the sweetness with everyone.

1. Fluffy Chocolate Brownies

These chocolatey, rich and fluffy brownies are really great for Easter. Everyone will love them because who doesn’t like chocolate!

2. Coconut Cream Scones

The long Easter weekend with family is much more fun when you’re sharing food and cooking together. Try this 4 ingredient scones with the kids. It’s so easy!

3. Fijian Banana Cake

Classic and very important item on any Fijian’s menu, the banana cake. Try this super moist and delicious recipe to share with loved ones.

4. Crunchy Coconut Cookies

So so simple and easy to make are these coconut cookies. They bake within a few minutes and are a great snack to keep stored to last the entire holidays.

I hope you enjoyed this selection. Browse the website for more great recipes to try this weekend!

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