fiji style barbeque recipe

Fiji Style Lamb & Chicken Barbecue


6 servings

Prep time

20 minutes + overnight marination

Cooking time

1 hour



Fiji style BBQ is completely off the hook! In this unique Fiji style barbecue recipe, you get a strong ginger and garlic presence and with a great dash of soy sauce and rich hit of chillies. The recipe below is a mix of Chinese, Fijian and Fiji-Indian flavours. Most of the time, Fiji style BBQ is had with freshly boiled cassava (tapioca) or dalo (taro) but I have made an Australian favourite, mashed potatoes. Boiled or fried sunny-side up eggs are also a very popular accompaniment to this recipe. The most important meat for this bbq is thinly sliced lamb chops and lamb sausages, however, I have used skewered meat. You can also use the marinade described below to coat chicken pieces. The magic is in the marinade.

A little note on the soy sauce: it is popular to the use the Pearl River branded dark soy sauce to give it that dark and rich flavour but using light soy sauce such as the Kikkoman brand gives a better taste in the meat. This is from personal experience and you can always tweak it to your liking. Also, the amount of soy sauce will vary depending on its strength so feel free to adjust this accordingly.



  • 1/4 Cup Soy Sauce (See Note Below)
  • 1 Clove Garlic
  • 1 Inch Piece Ginger
  • Chillies –  To Taste
  • 1/2 Tsp Sugar
  • 1 Tbsp Vegetable Oil

Meat & Sides


  • 1 Kg BBQ Lamb Chops
  • Cubed Chicken Pieces (Skewered)
  • 4 Large Potatoes
  • 1/4 Cup Butter
  • Pepper – To Taste
  • Salt – To Taste
  • Lettuce Leaves
  • 1/2 Lemon
  • Mint – To Garnish


  1. Crush together ginger, garlic and chillies into a paste and make a marinade by adding soy sauce, sugar and oil
  2. Place the marinade and the lamb pieces in a large glass bowl and coat with marinade generously
  3. Then put the mixture into a large zip-lock bag and refrigerate overnight for best results – you can also instantly cook it
  4. Repeat the above steps for the chicken cubes or any other meat you want to use
  5. The next day (if meat is left overnight), take out the meat from the refrigerator and let it cool to room temperature and skewer the chicken pieces. Meanwhile, heat up the barbeque plates on an open fire using firewood (authentic Fijian method)
  6. Once the plates are hot, sizzle the meat on high flame and cook to your liking
  7. While the meat is cooking make the mashed potatoes: Peel, dice and boil the potatoes (a pressure cooker will quicken the process). Once ready and while hot, add butter, salt and pepper to your taste and mix well (you may add some milk if the mixture looks lumpy). You can have this hot or cold. (Alternatively, you may want to boil some cassava (tapioca))
  8. In a small bowl shred the lettuce and squeeze some lemon juice and season with salt. Place this in the refrigerator while the meat and potatoes cook
  9. Once the meat and mashed potatoes are ready, grab a large plate and load it up with meat, potatoes and salad.

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