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Learn How To Cook Onions Quicker

Learning how to cook onions quicker can save you a lot of time in the kitchen. As onions are essential in making the base of any Indian curry, this pro tip can help quicken the process.

Indian food requires the onions to be cooked till translucent. This is so that it becomes a part of the gravy that gives the curry its signature consistency. This can take up to 5 minutes to be done. I know it seems like a fairly insignificant span of time, but it eventually adds a lot to the total cooking time. It can get especially frustrating when you are tired and hungry. This would make you rush off to the next step leaving your onions firm and your curry flavourless.

It should be noted that the type of onions you use does matter. Brown onions add a sharp but rich flavour to the dish while purple onions add more sweetness and take a little longer to cook. Hence, more often than not, brown onions are used to make the gravy.

The tip is quite simple:

To cook onions quicker, just add enough salt to coat the onions while sautéing them! Yes, it’s that easy.

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